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March 23, 2021

Greetings, fair traveler. Sorry again for my long silence, but as has probably been the case with you, this past year has been a time for laying low and regrouping. But now, coinciding with the onset of Spring, I’m awakening from this long Covid sleep to announce a couple of exciting items coming your way. Namely, a new podcast and book!

New Sermon Podcast

Most of you are aware that I recently served as pastor for an English-Speaking church in the country of Honduras. During that time, I preached multiple sermon series, totaling almost 70 sermons.

While (as mentioned before) my time there had its challenges, I also fully believe that God used me effectively for his glory. And so I recently launched a new podcast where I’ll be uploading these sermons over time to encourage a larger audience.

As we’re in the season of Lent and Easter, the podcast currently has a couple of sermon series on that topic called Suffering and Resurrection and Cristo Vive. It also has a sermon on biblical manhood and I’ve begun to upload a series titled, Why the Scriptures Are Trustworthy.

So click your favorite podcast app below to subscribe. (Or search other apps with the phrase “John Michalak Sermons.” If your app doesn’t have my podcast, please let me know).

New Book??

Most of you also know that I wrote a book for Zondervan, 365 Devotions to Embrace What Matters Most. Since its publication almost six years ago, I have explored writing again for traditional publishers, but that goal is currently on hiatus.

So for now I’m going to try my hand at self-publishing. The first of what I hope will be several more books is in the works with the initial draft almost ready for a professional editor to whip into shape!

At this point I’m going to leave you with a bit of mystery as to the topic. When the book gets closer to publication in a few months, I’ll create another post with a full announcement and description.

I will say that, like my last book, this one is also non-fiction, inspirational. And I’ll say that if you’ve enjoyed the essays I’ve written on my website over the years, you should enjoy this book, too. 🙂

Thank You!

I want to thank you for supporting my calling as a writer and speaker. Especially now that I’m pursing such things independently, your support and patronage are what keep me going, both financially and spiritually.

I hope the new podcast and my upcoming book will be a blessing to you. If  they are, please consider sharing them with anyone you think will be blessed by them, too. And please write reviews for the podcast and books as well as this helps more people find them when searching.

About John Michalak

An author and speaker, John Michalak has spent more than 25 years encouraging others in the areas of life-change and personal relationship. John’s inspirational book, 365 Devotions To Embrace What Matters Most is available from Zondervan publishing.

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