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Embrace What Matters

Listen to sermons, spiritual meditations, and guest interviews delivered by author and speaker, John Michalak. With a speaking style described as both practical and engaging, John has encouraged Christians and non-Christians alike for over 25 years from churches to the classroom, inside prisons, and at conferences and retreats.

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Life Is Relationship

This 23-part extended series takes an in-depth look at the Gospel through the lens of personal relationship. It examines biblical theology on why personal relationship with God is so important in the salvation story. It then looks at practical tools for how to establish and maintain a healthy personal relationship with God and others.

sermons online suffering and resurrection

Philippians 4:10 says that the way to fully experience Christ is to know both the “power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings.” This 5 part Easter series explores this paradox seen through the drama of Christ’s journey to Calvary and beyond. As with the nature of Christ and his story, the full Christian experience cannot be embraced without suffering in order to enjoy the power of resurrection.

We appropriately celebrate the climax of Christ’s Gospel story with Easter Sunday. But what happens after that? This 4 part series explores what it means to live with the truth that Christ isn’t just risen, Christ lives even now, today. How we respond to this truth will make the difference between a life of meaningless faith and a life that is on fire for all to see.

Is the Bible trustworthy? If so, can you articulate and defend this belief? This 7 part series demonstrates why you can trust in the written Scriptures completely. It will strengthen your confidence in the Bible’s original source, the integrity of God’s communication within its pages, and your ability to translate the power & effectiveness of God’s Word to those who need to know.

Should Christians observe the Sabbath? Perhaps not as in the Old Testament. But our growth and health in the Christian walk is dependent upon following the rhythm of God’s creation. So we must stop what we are doing to conquer our world…to pause and sanctify the God who created everything.

Marriage and Singleness

This series offers a brief overview of marriage and singleness in the kingdom of God. How we conduct ourselves as part of God’s greater community should be the foundation for how we think and behave in both our married and single relationships.

Envy and Jealousy

Most of us understand that it is unhealthy to envy others, to be jealous or to spend our time desiring or “coveting” what others have. However, a close examination of Scripture and the biblical stories show us that envy is perhaps a far more serious sin than we’ve ever imagined. This 2-part series looks at the dangers of envy, yesterday, and today.


Eight Questions

Do you pursue self awareness? Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Jesus once said that in knowing the truth, we would be set free. This message makes the assertion that the truth we should seek isn’t just the truth about God, but also the truth about ourselves. Without self-examination, we can never fully transform into Christ’s image and find the freedom his disciples enjoy.

War and Peace

Are you at war with God? At war with yourself? With others? Whether you believe it or not, you may be. You must acknowledge the wars you wage before God can transform your adversity into a true and lasting peace.

Upon This Rock

Where do we find our stability and growth as Christians in the church? Most often, we’d say our stability and growth come from God. But in practice, we too often look for our main stability through human leaders and ministers. But as we see in Scripture, our chief foundation for stability and growth must come from Jesus Christ. And not just Christ, but from our faith and confession in the crucified and risen Christ. Only when our lives are founded upon the rock of this heavenly confession, can Christians ever hope to grow strong and prosper.

The Firsthand Life 

Are you living life distracted? Consider your use of the internet, social media, online streaming, and the amount of time you may spend obsessed with national news, politicians, and celebrities. While there may not be anything inherently wrong with these things, it’s important to realize that these areas reflect a secondhand version of life, and can distract you from focusing and living in the world right in front of you. The goal isn’t necessarily to remove technology from your life, but to understand its power, and to use it as a tool for God’s Kingdom rather than let it use you. Don’t live in the shadow of the treasures that deserve a primary place in your heart and actions.

In The Shadow of the Almighty 

God is beautiful. In everything God has created or touches, there is beauty. This is a message that explores beauty and art in the Christian experience. We can live daily in astonishment and awe amid the godly beauty that surrounds us. We can adorn ourselves and the things we create with the beauty of God. In the shadow of God’s sheltering presence, we can bask in the pleasure of eternal wonder and faith.

The Lord Will See 

What does it mean to be a man? The answer to this question isn’t always easy to arrive at, especially given the confusion we see in our modern culture. Like everything in creation, man was created with a certain design and purpose, but that design was corrupted by the fall. This sermon examines what is perhaps the chief launching point for God’s answer to this problem—the restoration of God’s purposes for men in the calling and ultimate test of Abraham. Abraham was the father of all who believe. And it was his belief in God as his ultimate provision that led him to leave a legacy for other men that will echo into eternity.

Freedom in Relationship 

As we celebrate the 4th of July in America, it is right that we elevate ideals like our national independence, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. But, these are civil liberties, and can never truly liberate us from deeper bondage–depression, prejudice, compulsive behavior, hopelessness. That kind of freedom can only be found when we come face to face with grace. True freedom isn’t just about being liberated from what binds us, but to be liberated for relationship with God and for our neighbor in need.

Does It Really Matter What You Believe As Long As You’re Sincere? 

The last few decades have shown a surge in spiritual hunger perhaps unknown since the time of Plato and Aristotle. So many people are chasing after so many ideas that for the sake of civility, sincerity itself has become the chief virtue of the spiritual seeker. But, does sincerity prove that all religions are the same? This teaching invites an honest look at this question, and invites an honest comparison of the world’s religions. While God loves that we’re sincerely hungry for spiritual things, he does want our search to eventually lead somewhere. And despite protests to the contrary, that destination isn’t just about the absolute truth of the Bible. Ultimately, it’s about a personal relationship with the one who is absolutely true.

The Lord’s Prayer 

A detailed examination of God’s “rules” for communicating with him through prayer. Most of us focus just on ourselves and our needs in prayer. But, the Lord’s Prayer is truly about God, and it is only by focusing on God’s greatness, his closeness, his kingdom, his will, his power to provide, to forgive, and to save, that we can truly find all our prayer’s answered.

Video Sermons/Speeches

Sermon: Stop in the Name of Love!

We so often look for God’s will on where we should go with our lives. But what about the times we need to stop? This sermon examines Acts 16:6-12 when God told Paul to stop. It reflects on how this account might apply to our own approach to missions and to our lives in general.

Volunteer Recruitment Speech

A volunteer-recruitment speech given at the annual fundraiser for Men Of Valor, a Nashville-based prison ministry.


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