Journey through several inspirational reflections, articles (along with a few sermons and announcements) John has written over the years.

Speaking Truth To Power
Speaking Truth To PowerWhat is truth? We love to hold others to account, but can we speak truth to our own power?
The Bloom of Winter
The Bloom of WinterThere’s a gift in each season. But most, like me, tend to appreciate winter's gift least of all.
EngageLess is more. Probably more than you've ever imagined.
Stop in the Name of Love!
Stop in the Name of Love!Sermon Video: We so often look for God's will on where we should go with our lives. But what about the times we need to stop?
The Ring Of Truth
The Ring Of TruthMost of us can't recognize the truth when we remain behind the bars of our own making.
Between Keith And The Nuns
Between Keith And The NunsIn marriage, and with God himself, there is a mystery to belonging. I found it between Keith and the nuns.
Recreational Vehicles
Recreational VehiclesTrade your ordinary, predictable world for a life of scenic beauty and imagination...
Growing Up Again
Growing Up AgainIt is one of the gifts of life to me that, no matter our age, we're never far from the glory and imagery of childhood.
Social Media & The Golden Rule
Social Media & The Golden RuleWhen social media has become as chaotic as the Wild, Wild West, practicing the Golden Rule is more important now than ever.
A Bittersweet Season
A Bittersweet SeasonChristmas is a time of joy, but also a time to come to God as we are, especially in all our melancholy hopelessness.
Minding Your Ps…
Minding Your Ps…No need to tell you where I was, but it was wonderful. For me, there was no other place like it on earth.
Life Is Relationship
Life Is RelationshipGod once said, "It is not good that man should be alone." And, still today, we all feel this in our deepest heart.
Character and Wonder
Character and WonderThe two qualities that typically make for the best movies also make for the most heroic life. Are you ready to play your part?
Humility and Gratitude
Humility and GratitudeA beautiful woman died the other day. And, for my own life, I have no reason at all to complain.
The Greatest Of These
The Greatest Of TheseHow Alzheimer’s other victims have loved, persevered and come to terms with one of life’s most dehumanizing diseases.
Fingal’s Cave
Fingal’s CaveIn art, nature, and worship it's possible to encounter something so beautiful and yet so beyond you that you are left in complete astonishment and awe.

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