The #1 Bestselling Devotional Nationwide! (early 2016)


By John Michalak

It’s said that as human beings, we spend about a third of our lives asleep. But, too many of us spend the rest of our lives in a type of waking sleep, held captive by the bonds of distraction. The shiny trinkets of entertainment and materialism, the prisons of anxiety and brokenness: these hypnotize our souls into a resigned stupor, where we assume we’re living day-to-day, but are never truly alive.

The book 365 Devotions To Embrace What Matters Most is less a Bible study than a conversation you might have with a friend over coffee. It speaks to you and invites you to devote a few moments each day to learning, or remembering, how to live your life to the full.

In easy-to-understand, practical terms, it speaks to both the earnest spiritual pilgrim who needs a return to base camp, and to the person who has never given much thought to spiritual matters, but would like to explore that journey.

It’s never too late to live the wide-awake, passionate life you once envisioned. Embrace what matters most, and start living a life rich with purpose, delight, and eternal meaning.

Reader Reviews

“A book to embrace! Life is about relationships, and John Michalak brings that home to your heart…I read from this book every day and will purchase more to give to people I care about.”

“I think the book can speak to those who don’t necessarily know God. It can be a platform for those who wonder and are curious about what else there is in this life and how to look eternally.”

“This is a wonderful read…The author writes in a manner that allows the reader a sense of hope while pursuing a deeper understanding of why they are here and what their purpose is. If you have a shelf, this book should be on it!”

Where To Get It

It’s being sold in bookstores worldwide including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Main Sections and Weekly Themes

PART 1: Who You Are, Why You’re Here, and What You Should Do About It

Your Identity Matters
Your Purpose Matters
Your Growth Matters
Your Learning Matters
Your Wisdom Matters
Your Productivity Matters
Your Adventures Matter

PART 2: How You See the World

Your Perspective Matters
Your Focus Matters
Your Sense Of Reality Matters
Your Sense Of Wonder Matters
Your Awareness Of Creation Matters
Your Awareness Of Art Matters
Your Awareness Of Industry Matters
Your Awareness Of Time Matters

PART 3: How to Free Yourself from the Rat Race

Rest Matters
Peace Matters
Simplicity Matters
Provision Matters
Stability Matters
Personal Matters
Uncool Matters
Joy Matters
Living Matters

PART 4: The Importance of Your Relationships

Relationship Matters
Love Matters
Romance Matters
Family Matters
Parenting Matters
Friends Matter
Community Matters
Strangers Matter
God Matters

PART 5: What’s Wrong and How to Make It Right

What’s Wrong Matters
Weakness Matters
Healing Matters
Forgiveness Matters
Openness Matters
Communication Matters
Presence Matters
Hope Matters

PART 6: How to Become a Better Human Being

Your Character Matters
Your Choices Matter
Your Discipline Matters
Your Consumption Matters
Your Movement Matters
Your Attitude Matters
Your Humility Matters
Your Manners Matter
Your Giving Matters
Your Faithfulness Matters