The Longest Day of the Year

June 21, 2018

Today in the U.S. we celebrate the beginning of Summer and the “longest day of the year.” Of course, the day is no longer or shorter than any other day. But today in our town, there will be about 14 and a half hours of sunlight. Where we’re moving, Honduras, I read that the duration of daylight, being closer to the equator, generally remains the same year-round.

Most people I know in the U.S. bemoan the winter time and the long darkness. It’s interesting that it’s really been only since the invention of electricity that people spend much of their waking hours beyond the setting sun. Now we stay up until all hours. This can be good or bad, I suppose. I know I’m at my best when I get to bed early and rise with the dawn.

But I do think there is something instinctive about being “awake” while it’s light. Jesus said that it’s important to focus on our work “while it is still day…night is coming when no one can work.” I have 14 and a half hours of daylight today. How will I use that time?

Also, there’s a lot of darkness in the world even during our daylight hours: violence, conflict, prejudice, apathy, loneliness, sadness, and so on. Jesus is the light of the world and calls us lights as well. How will I shine as a light, reflecting this light of Jesus, on those who suffer in darkness?

And despite the darkness we see in the world, despite the darkness in us, or even the fact that from today on, our days in the U.S. will darken more and more with the coming of winter—we can still live in the light of hope that one day, there will be no more darkness.

At the end of time, the world will have no darkness at all—God’s light will shine forever among us and there will be no more night, no more curse, no more tears, death, or suffering. The “longest day of the year” can’t hold a candle to this light that will last forever.

So, enjoy today’s sunlight. Step out, take advantage of these hours, put your trust in the light of Christ, overcome darkness where you see it, and live in hope for the endless light of eternity.

It’s time for you to rise and shine.


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